Consentful BETA

Cookie consent banners have gone too far off the deep end: full page takeovers, loading screens, lag, bloat, ew.

Consentful is a minimalistic, non-obtrusive, privacy-focused (and fully compliant!) consent banner.

How does it work?

Setup and installation is easy:

  1. Fill out the privacy policy questionnaire below
  2. Wrap your existing tracking scripts (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and any other non-privacy conscious scripts) with:

    <script type="script/tracker">

  3. Install the Consentful script tag on your site, which will provide both the consent banner and selectively load tracking scripts upon user consent.

Let's Go!

We just need you to fill out this quick privacy questionnaire so we can tailor the consent banner accordingly.

  1. Do you track PII?

    Yes | No

  2. This section isn't quite done yet! The privacy policy generator is coming soon.


Copy this code onto your website:

<script type="text/javascript" defer async

<script type="script/trackers">
  <!-- put your existing trackers here -->